Full Line-up + Posters!

We're excited to share the final additions to this year's Fest line-up: Bell Witch, Brain Fruit, netcat, and Contact Cult. Which means, this party is ready to get started! We're also totally in love with the posters created by Seattle artist Minh Nguyen: 

Debacle Fest Moved to Columbia City Theater July 10th & 11th!

DEBACLE FEST-- Due to unfortunate circumstances regarding the original venue, Debacle Fest is now postponed to the weekend of July 10th and 11th. Both main stage and second stage action will be happening within the beautiful walls of Columbia City Theater in Seattle, a place we're ecstatic to host the 8th annual event with. 

Debacle Fest is a time when we celebrate who we are, what we represent, where we came from and where we’re headed. Happening July 10th and 11th, Debacle Fest is the party where we showcase some of the best in the west for experimental music over one weekend.  

Now in its 8th year, the Fest is three days of mind-bending sounds from longtime NW Debacle family and beloved California friends. We'll have our final line-up sorted out and announced on May 1stNamed for the neighborhood it's located, Columbia City Theater is just mere blocks from the lightrail station, at 4916 Rainier Ave S.


Debacle Fest Interview - Timm Mason

Timm Mason sits down with Samantha Fonteyne and talks about his upcoming CD and his feelings on Debacle.  He was awesome enough to do some live jams for her as well, so you get a nice preview of where his mind is at these days.

Debacle Fest Interviews - L.A. Lungs

Samantha Fonteyne sat down with LA Lungs to discuss their history with Debacle Records, their live shows, and their upcoming LP Rrest.  L.A. Lungs will be performing on Saturday May 31st at Debacle Fest and will have early access copies of Rrest for sale.

Announcing Debacle Fest Releases


We are so excited to announce four new releases that will get their debut at Debacle Fest 2014 in Seattle. L.A. LungsKing Tears Bat TripChris Davis and Timm Mason all will have early availability releases at Debacle Fest, with official release dates following in June.  

All four albums on are pre-sale right now! Check them out!

L.A. Lungs - Rrest


Rrest is the first vinyl release for Olympia, Washington-based L.A. Lungs. Known for creating deeply personal connections with their audiences, the married duo, Afterthought Lung and Leeward Lung, are longtime mainstays of the capital city’s storied underground scene, as well as an integral part of the Debacle Records story. With two previous CDs in our back catalog, amid several releases from other NW labels, the pair have won the hearts of those in the local underground scene since 2005, particularly through their involvement with Debacle Fest and Olympia Experimental Music Festival. Debacle Records is excited to share the best kept secret of the Northwest with the larger world; it’s time for L.A. Lungs to step into the light.

L.A.Lungs have the ability to, in a single track, evoke both a dusky summer evening and the white, white light of a winter morning. Employing an army of instruments such as guitar, violin, Roland Juno 60, plus toys and noisemakers, L.A. Lungs are able to move from disquieting cryptic sound fields to warm embracing drones. Their songs would be home next to those of Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Mountains, and Lau Nau.

Rrest is the most faithful representation of the L.A. Lungs we know from stage. Hushed conversation at one in the morning, shaking pine needles, condensation on glass, creaking floorboards, sunning cats, puddles filling from heavy drops--Rrest feels like all of these things yet without the aid of field recordings. Empty spaces hold on to your attention. Clicks and strums brush up against you and retreat. Tones that had once felt disconnected and stark, sneak and braid into crescendos of dreamy urgency.

We’re pleased L.A. Lungs will be once again be gracing the stage of Debacle Fest May 31st at LoFi Performance Gallery in Seattle, an event at which they’ve performed nearly every year since 2008, often giving us their best moments. They will also take part in the Olympia Experimental Music Festival later in 2014.

$18 LP & Digital
$8 Digital



King Tears Bat Trip


After tape and digital editions of the album on Hanged Man and Table & Chairs, respectively, Debacle Records is proud to release the King Tears Bat Trip album as a limited edition picture-disc, with art by KTBT member Kristian Garrard. The album has been remastered by Scott Colburn, who has produced albums for Animal Collective and Sun City Girls. We’re also ecstatic to present a rare performance by the septet at this year’s Debacle Fest, on Saturday May 31st in Seattle.

A favorite among the emerging bands of the Northwest DIY scene, King Tears Bat Trip is the vision of Seattle bassist, guitarist, and composer Luke Bergman. Performed in two massive compositions, KTBT’s self-titled debut album is a torrent of sound from the get-go, featuring Thomas Campbell, Kristian Garrard, Chris Icasiano, and Evan Woodle on drums; Neil Welch on distortion-heavy tenor saxophone; Luke Bergman on de-tuned noise guitar; and Brandon Lucia on the Chango, a computer-generated sound interface created by Lucia himself in April 2011.

KTBT can be a ferocious, power-violent beast, but their catchy song forms and hypnotizing beats make this music extremely approachable. The folksy melodies seem as much like Haitian Vodou music as they do an Albert Ayler spirit song. Barking saxophone improvisations shout over Bergman’s washed-out, metallic guitar lines, and twangy, rolling percussion instruments sound in the radius. The band’s tightly-woven rhythmic patterns and careful control of pacing sound both raw and fully assured. King Tears Bat Trip was recorded in unedited, live studio takes, retaining all the energy of their adrenaline-inducing shows.

$18 LP & Digital
$8 Digital

Chris Davis - Live at Post Terrestrial

Chris Davis is a member of Seattle’s kraut-synth jammers Brain Fruit, also a key member of the psychedelic dance collective MOTOR.  This release is the first under his given name, and the first to dive into his abstract improvisations on modular synthesizer.  Taken from a performance at the local experimental meet-up series Post Terrestrial, this new CD is Davis stepping away from the tightly controlled and clever structures of Brain Fruit and out, even further from the improv techno of his MOTOR live sets.  This is live improv synth work in the recent tradition of Greg Davis, Matt Carlson or Keith Fullerton Whitman.

Note: Chris has decided all forthcoming work in this vein will retain the Chris Davis moniker, while Chris will return to MOTOR shows and releases with a new project name.

Mastered by Phil Petrocelli

100 copies - Limited Edition

$8 - CD & Digital
$5 - Digital


Timm Mason - The Lost Levels

You may know Timm Mason from his work in psych overlords Midday Veil, disco strategists TJ Max or most notably his long running solo project Mood Organ.  The Lost Levels is his first release under his own name, having decided to take Mood Organ into the direction of his recent “Missile Silo Disco” sets for MOTOR and forthcoming 12” EP.  The Lost Levels could be seen as a sequel to his early release on Debacle Records Visiting a Burning Museum.  Like that release The Lost Levels trades in slow moving and slightly tension filled drones. Unlike his previous release, the album feels much more diverse in sound sources and features almost a cut and paste style of composition that reminds me of a darker Sean McCann. There is a dramatic narrative tone here that is rare in most sound sculptures like these.

Mastered by James Plotkin

100 copies - Limited Edition

$8 - CD & Digital
$5 - Digital

Announcing Debacle Fest 2014

Let’s fucking celebrate our community: For Debacle Fest 2014, May 30th and 31st, we’re showcasing what the festival is all about -- our amazing family of artists, all our supportive fans turned friends, and some favorite local hangouts.

Opening ceremonies commence Friday May 30th at Capitol Hill boutique gallery Cairo with a small line up of intimate performances and hotdog vendor Quack Dogs on location. Then a big whirlwind of a Saturday, May 31st, descends upon Eastlake and Republican, giving fans a Choose Your Own Adventure-style evening across LoFi Performance GalleryBlack Lodge, and the Victory Lounge. Attendees will be able to choose between concurrent performances on all three stages. To up the party atmosphere, local food truck Napkin Friends will be on site and Victory Lounge will offer food specials to fill bellies while projection artists satisfy the eyes.

The richness on tap here in the PNW flows through our lineup. Longtime Debacle family like Dull Knife, Brain Fruit, Black Hat, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, and L.A. Lungs bring consistently top-notch performances, while Threads, Slow Drips, and Chris Davis make Fest debuts. Talent from up and down the best coast are on hand as well, with Danny Paul Grody, Secret Pyramid, Golden Retriever, Sutekh Hexen, Common Eider King Eider, and more.

And the party isn’t just stuck in night mode: Saturday afternoon, the wealth of Seattle experimental labels is to be had as we host a Record Label Fair, sharing the limelight with our fellow purveyors of underground sounds. From Noon to Five at the Black Lodge eager music seekers can pick up wares from the likes of Medical Records, Translinguistic Other, Eiderdown, and Hanged Man, to name but a few, with DJs and a live performance.  

Stage schedules and band bio’s forthcoming.

Debacle Fest 2014 Line-Up:

Total Life

Danny Paul Grody

Golden Retriever

Sutekh Hexen

Common Eider, King Eider

Black Hat

Gabriel Mindel Saloman (ex-Yellow Swans)

Spectrum Control (Dewey Mahood of Plankton Wat/Eternal Tapestry)

Gordon Ashworth (ex-Concern, Oscillating Innards)

Dull Knife

Garek Druss (Story of Rats, Dull Knife)


Brain Fruit

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer

Dialing In

LIMITS (Jason Anderson of Draft/Gift Tapes)

King Tears Bat Trip

L.A. Lungs

New Weather

Pink Void

RM Francis


Timm Mason (Mood Organ, Midday Veil)

Ecstatic Cosmic Union


Marcus Price

Chris Davis (Brain Fruit)

Slow Drips