barnett + coloccia


Barnett + Coloccia is the synthesizer and electro-acoustic project of Alex Barnett and Faith Coloccia.

On Barnett + Coloccia's 2nd release, Weld, Resident Advisor stated: 

"In 2013, Washington resident Faith Coloccia and Chicago multi-instrumentalist Alex Barnett emerged with Harbor, their first effort of foreboding soundscapes for Kiran Sande's Blackest Ever Black imprint. Now they return with the eight track Weld, which the label says is 'recommended to anyone enamoured of the brittle sci-fi synth-scapes in Caroline K’s Now Wait For Last Year, the amorphous electronics of Beatriz Ferreyra’s recent work, Conrad Schnitzler’s more gothic moments and even the graver metaphysical reckonings of a Stockhausen or a Rozmann.
Both members of the group have had dalliances with the heavy music world: Coloccia in Mamiffer and Barnett in Oakeater..."