Biled Will


Hello! My name is Wild Bill and I'm an Aquarius. I like long walks on the beach (to look for severed feet) and romantic candle-lit dinners of 40's and microwave quesadillas. In my spare time I like to see shit bands, complain about shit bands, and make music to show that I can do better than all those shit bands. Under the pseudonym (pretension is still cool, right?) Biled Will, I produce a racket that hearkens back to late 70's/early 80's industrial and synth punk (SO EXOTIC!) I use a full hardware setup, if you're the type that gets off on that kind of thing (OOH LA LA!) The things I look for in an audience member are confidence, intelligence, and a willingness TO MOVE THEIR GODDAMN FEET! I know it's uncouth to talk bad about your exes, but the last audience I was seeing refused to dance and I won't let myself be treated like that ever again. My idea of the perfect date involves lots of spontaneity and ends with my puking on your shoes. You should hit me up if you like having a good time and enjoy getting yelled at.