Sam's Memories

The first Debacle was actually supposed to just be my bachelor party. Gordon from Physical Demon was my best man and I told him. "Let's just have a big party where Debacle bands play sets and then do a big group jam".  I am trying to remember the full line up as all online evidence of the show seems lost.

Novahead Vs Chickentron

Extraordinary Pigeons

Chaostic Magic

Physical Demon

LA Lungs (or was it just Nathan?)

Forrest Friends


Forgive me if I am forgetting somebody as it was a crazy night for me.  I mostly remember how communal and fun it was.  I saw people playing with big big smiles on their faces. I remember during Forrest Friends set some drums were placed in the crowd and normally I think that wouldn't have garnered much interest, but on that night everybody gathered around and took a turn happily and without irony joining in on the jams.  People held drums and cymbals up for each other to play, it was heartwarming to say the least.  The night ended with a big group jam, which I am sure was just a silly mess of sound but I barely remember, I just remember how fun it was.  Looking back on it, it was a very empty room but it was filled with the biggest warmest humans I can think of.  In the end I knew; I wanted to do that again...