Sam's Memories

2010 was the year Debacle Fest came of age. It was the first year to invite people who weren't on the label to come play, we expanded to three days, and were lucky enough to nab people like John Wiese and Pete Swanson.

Debacle itself was entering into it's maturity as well, I was starting to be able to sign national and international bands from all sorts of genres. Jason Anderson then of Brother Raven and Gift Tapes was instrumental in hooking me up with people like Matt Carlson and Jeffery Witscher (Rene Hell) who I am happy to say have come back to the fest again and again over the years.  

2010 also introduced the concept of the Sunday night show as "Family Night". See with all the touring bands, I didn't want anybody to be stressed playing on a Sunday night. So we accidentally invented the idea of "Family Night".  For the next three years we ended the fest with a locals-only line up of very close friends and family of the label at the Josephine. These nights were always the most laid back and celebratory. They were our effort to recapture the vibe from the first two years of the fest and make sure we didn't forget why we were all there in the first place.

The flyer was designed by Garek Druss, who as both a visual and audio artist is a constant source of inspiration for me.

One hidden gem of the line up was that Jamie Fennelly of Peeesseye and Mind Over Mirrors joined Dull Knife on Harmonium for this performance.