Sam's Memories

2013 was an insane year. An exponential leap in every way for the fest. We had decided to swing for the fences in all aspects. Bigger budget, bigger names, bigger venues, 4 shows. Also it was the first festival since starting MOTOR our psychedelic-dance sister label, so we dedicated Sunday evening to holding our biggest MOTOR event yet. Look at that line up! Each show was just bursting with talent. Using the FRED Wildlife Refuge as the home base for Friday and Saturday turned out pretty amazing, as the feeling and vibe of the show was bigger and more aesthetically psychedelic than ever. The performances and vibe of the venues was like nothing we have ever done before. These were not the level of shows you usually come across in outside of Europe or New York.

Because of all these amazing artists and big venues, we were going to have bigger ticket prices. We wanted to make it clear the new prices were only so we could cover costs, so we partnered with long time supporters Hollow Earth Radio to make the fest a benefit for them. Any money that was to be made past paying costs was to go to towards the local radio station. This allowed us to bring on sponsors like Hillards Beer, Eylsian Brewing, and 2Bar Distillery, which was a new aspect for us.

We learned some lessons from 2013.  As always a nice weekend in Seattle is nearly the most disruptive thing for an indoor festival. With the fest getting bigger and bigger, trying to stretch it across 3 days is asking a lot. MOTOR has grown enough that it really is its own thing separate from the festival. Also, we just kinda missed the "Family Night" aspect of previous fests. Though there was of course a familial feeling to the weekend.

One big thing to note was the amazing national press push we were able to get and the huge amount of local coverage we were able to generate. Dave Segal at The Stanger wrote no less than 3 long pieces both previewing and reviewing the festival. 

Number one thing I take away, is the new friends I got to meet both in terms of fans and being able to finally meet artists whose music I have loved for a long time.