As a Philadelphia-based filmmaker, Jesse Sheppard has worked with artists such as Glenn Jones, Daniel Bachman, and Nathan Bowles. His performance documentary featuring Jack Rose, The Things That We Used To Do, came out on Strange Attractors Audio House in 2010. Drew Gardner is a multi-instrumentalist who has led bands featuring avant-garde musicians such as John Tchicai and Sabir Mateen, and often conducts experimental collaborations on the fringes of the New York improv music scene.

The Black River is the debut LP from Elkhorn, the duo of Sheppard (12 String Acoustic) and Gardner (Electric Guitar). The album, released on Debacle Records April 2017, straddles the story of American guitar music by digging into deep folk, Americana, jazz, and psychedelia. The outcome sits somewhere between the primitive reveries of the Takoma school and the electric/frentric fringes of Steven R. Smith, Ben Chasny, and Tom Carter. What sets Elkhorn apart from these luminaries is the complementary interplay of the duo. The two voices are distinct yet wholly dependent on each other to create a unique statement on what a guitar "duet" is capable of.