Gordon Ashworth

Gordon Ashworth's primary field is experimental composition for string instruments, magnetic tape, and social environments. He has released dozens of drone, noise, and musique concrete recordings under the names Concern, Oscillating Innards, CAEN, Riverbed Mausoleum and Gordon Ashworth since 2001, and has performed in over 25 countries.

Ashworth’s current live performance focuses on tense sound collages of field recordings made during his job as a night-shift taxi driver, tempered with acoustic drones recorded in private bedrooms. His use of multiple speakers and live tape manipulation is intended to disrupt the listener’s sense of location and expectation, while the use of nocturnal conversations and street sounds accentuates the paradox of working a dangerous job in order to survive as an artist. The result is the creation of a surreal environment that instills a feeling of being in several locations at once, and exists somewhere between privacy and publicity, high art and base exploitation, and musical beauty and human ugliness. He will be carrying himself and his equipment between performances and cities by public transportation throughout Europe in Autumn 2015.