Mamiffer+Daniel Menche

It can be difficult to keep tabs on the elusive entity known as Mamiffer. Originating as a studio project centered around Faith Coloccia, the first Mamiffer recordings were driven by somber piano instrumentals and backed by a rotating cast of musicians who lent martial drum patterns, rumbling distorted bass, melodic vocal incantations, and swaths of abrasive guitar. Mamiffer eventually gravitated toward a core duo of Coloccia and husband Aaron Turner (ISIS, Old Man Gloom), yet the project continued to morph and evolve as guest contributors came and went. 

Statu Nascendi is the band’s first full-length since 2011’s Mare Decendrii, though that isn’t to imply that Mamiffer has been quiet for the last three years. Since Mare Decendrii’s release, Coloccia and Turner have released a collaboration with Chicago noise experimentalists Locrian, teamed up for split releases with Texan soundscapers Pyramids and Finnish art metallurgists Circle, and issued more than a few limited edition cassettes. Statu Nascendi keeps to Mamiffer’s ongoing theme of humankind’s deep ties to nature, and then delves deeper to explore the nexus of life and death, the significance of matriarchal blood lineages, and the purging relationship between birth, rebirth, and exorcism.