Joshua Medina & Paurl Walsh explore the intersection between contemporary folk, drone, ambient, noise and electronic music. The duo is a paradox unto itself: Medina, a self taught finger-style guitarist and Walsh, a sound artist, synth guru, and classically trained composer.  Their compositions reflect this dichotomy in style as well as sound, gentle serenity often leads to jarring dystopia with Medina switching between acoustic and electric instrumentation.  

Their debut self-titled EP was released by Seattle's Hanged Man Recordings, receiving praise from Justin Spicer of Tiny Mix Tapes "...Medina’s guitar — in its quiet reflection — is far from isolated; and Walsh’s wash of keyboards, samples and effects dare not swallow silence but rather invite it. Not only do Medina and Walsh play to each other’s strengths, they play to a whole genre’s best qualities.”

Medina/Walsh will release their LP “Vault of Angels” via our very own Debacle Records this July.