somesurprises is the psych-dream-folk-pop project of Natasha El-Sergany, who sings and plays guitar, synth, and drum machine (pre-sets). somesurprises started as a solo project in Charlottesville, Virginia in mid-2013, and was at first a Soundcloud page used for collecting the best or first takes of obsessive late-night spontaneous phone recordings of original and cover songs. The project draws inspiration from emotionally-resonant movie scores, lo-fi/shoegaze legends, and decades of heartbroken country, soul, pop, and folk music.

A move to Seattle in late 2013 introduced Natasha to kindhearted and talented folks in the underground experimental music community who counterintuitively gave her repeated opportunities to perform songs on the same bills as more abstract/"noise" musicians whose adventurous and egoless work consequently had a deep impact on her songwriting. 

Throughout much of 2014 and 2015, she collaborated, performed, and recorded with harsh noise aficionado Samuel Henry (Plastic Boner Band) and gifted guitarist Dustin Williams (Mind Beams, ex-Stalebirth). In 2016 Natasha is performing with Josh Medina (Medina/Walsh), who adds warm atmospheric tones and effects on electric guitar. Recording and releasing music is the goal for somesurprises in 2016.