Terrane's Basalt Palisades (Sonic Meditations) took form during the verdant Portland summer of 2014. Dewey Mahood and Chuck Johnson spent a long weekend at Mahood's home studio with a 4-track and as many instruments as would fit in the room, taking frequent breaks for garden hangs and river swims. Their improvisations took form quickly and organically, with each bringing his simpatico palette of styles and influences. The four pieces, touching on Krautrock and American Primitive, began as simple motifs that grew into rich sonic moods as the two layered electric and acoustic guitars and synthesizers. Mahood (Eternal Tapestry, Plankton Wat, etc) is a long-time Portland resident and a fixture of the city's rich experimental music history. Johnson hails from Oakland and has been making highly-regarded acoustic guitar albums for the Three Lobed and Strange Attractors labels, and cut his teeth in the 90s indie and experimental scenes of North Carolina (Spatula, Idyll Swords, etc). For Debacle Fest they will be joined by Date Palms' Marielle Jakobsons.