Visible Cloaks is Spencer D and Ryan C. Operating in various forms for over a decade with a string of Japan-only CD releases, small run CDRs and cassettes as Cloaks, Neon Cloaks and now Visible Cloaks, the duo has moved within a loose-knit orbit of west coast artists including Eternal Tapestry, Starving Weirdos and Cameron Stallones's Sun Ark. Their current work investigates both inverted pop structures and long-form collage in a fluid mix, often with heavily-modulated voice, wave-table ambient clouds, GRM dissociative tactics, ethnographic plunderphonics and virtual instruments powered by transcribed MIDI data, existing in a sound world not unlike Spencer's own "Fairlights, Mallets and Bamboo" DJ mixes. Their first self-tiled LP under the "Visible" moniker was released this past July.